Lexicon 97: some t-shirts of Athens


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The Some  T-shirts of Athens


During an April 2011 visit to Athens, Ohio, I was able to acquire, for just under $50.00,  25 t-shirts discarded in Athens County, home of Ohio University that is a home of NOR

(New Ohio Review that was temporary home to The Pampering of Leora, as pampering text poam by Thylias Moss and as pampering sound poam arranged, mixed, and sung by forkergirl with music composed and performed by Jeremy Daly

and a former insane asylum now known as The Ridges for proximity to and height above a river, not deliberately for any associations with a knife's (serrated) edge and the mind and as a ([im]balanced there, maybe even splitting atom by atom).


Two bifurcating tines in service to NOR of Athens
where they were first published:

Listen to the pampering sound poam

arranged, mixed, and sung by forkergirl
with music composed and performed by Jeremy Daly


I need t-shirt #25 if I can get it for the $1.32 that remains (I'd like to spend the entire $50.00 as established by the Washtenaw County edition
of Lexicon 97.

The Washtenaw County edition of  97 discarded t-shirts  that yielded both a freeform book and 97 t-shirt skeleton byproducts were not photographed in their  original thrift store purchase form —I both regret that oversight and am surprised (embarrassed also) by it, considering the emphasis that Limited Fork Theory places on documentation.


This time, before mining the t-shirts for their lexicon in order to  make the Athens, Ohio freeform book, I photographed the 24 discarded t-shirts that I purchased for $48.68 at Goodwill, an average of approximately $2.03 per discarded t-shirt.

As with the Washtenaw County freeform book edition, I do not know the stories behind the t-shirts that have marked them in various ways.  There are some indicators not available on the 97 discarded Washtenaw t-shirts concerning the age of some of the  discarded t-shirts: dates in the t-shirt's lexicon marking events that the shirt advertises.  This information may provide small insights into t-shirt manufacturing practices at the time of the making of the date-marked discarded t-shirts. 




Athens, Ohio  in Athens County


on the map below:

Goodwill, State Street, Athens, Ohio

(north of the James A. Rhodes Appalachian Highway)




 If you recognize any of the 24 discarded T-shirts purchased

at the Athens Goodwill at the end of April 2011, pictured below

please contact forkergirl

and send the story of your discarded t-shirt memory and/or any other information related to any of the 24 rescued Athens, Ohio Goodwill T-shirts.
  Thank you.

Pictures of

the some  T-shirts of Athens

**before the lexical mining operation**

Not the initial condition of these t-shirts, but their as sold condition that marks the initial condition of my collaboration with the t-shirts, an as sold condition that collaborated with the complex mechanisms of my preferences, leading to selection for purchase.

Fronts and backs of the 24 t-shirts rescued from the Goodwill thrift store on State Street in Athens, Ohio on the last day of the Athens International Film Festival are shown unless the front or back has no lexicon available for extraction.  

About 77 miles north of the Goodwill thrift store in Athens is the Goodwill Art Studio and Gallery, a facility I shall contact about a 97-minute display (without charge to the Goodwill Art Studio and Gallery; instead, I will make a donation beyond display should I be fortunate enough to negotiate a 97-minute (or possibly longer) installation.  I will also contact Ohio University for another possible 97-minute [or longer] installation. 

At shopgoodwill.com, this photograph of an aerial view of Ohio University, shown at left, is was (past the bidding end time, and no bids) on sale for $5.00 USD.







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