Lexicon 97: 1 freeform book and counting in any direction possible —please help (with the releasing of collaborative spirits)


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Let's have a Lexicon 97 Party! 

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Let's have a Lexicon 97 Party! 




particles galore

(the world belongs to everything in the world, everything that interacts with the world —resist the gluttony of ownership [okay; we'll do what the can, but it won't be the best that we can do; maybe out best keeps falling through tine gaps, but it might graze the less-than-best that adheres to what we're forking into ourselves this way and that way; it might graze and influence us, begin to erode certain ways of thinking, being, making until we start to gleam with something other than greed [that also glows])

From this location, Lexicon 97 bifurcates in many more directions; many additional tines emerge from  seeds of possibilities waiting to germinate, waiting out of the range of my awareness until collaborating with and learning from interactions with all aspects of the initial Lexicon 97 configurable configuration that I became aware of as my understanding expanded within the study of the concept.  —My understanding is at only a beginning of expansion, in a location where I cannot prove expansion, although a limited fork is measuring it, but the device is made to measure, and at times, I suspect, measuring it with hunches and intuition, that the limited fork, like other devices, measure the act of measuring

From here, the countdown, the count up:  97 freeform book objectives minus 1 freeform book for Washtenaw County, Michigan leaves 96 additional freeform books for other locations and circumstances to make


1 freeform book made for Washtenaw County, Michigan plus 96 freeform books to make for other locations and circumstances will fulfill a reconfigured interaction project to make 97 freeform books from the lexicons of site-specific discarded t-shirts whose purchase may not exceed, but should exhaust whenever possible, $50.00 USD.


The Some of the

T-shirts of Athens

(freeform book 2 of 97 begins with these 24 discarded t-shirts purchased at the Goodwill thrift store in Athens, Ohio)

contact forkergirl


if you are willing to assist me with the acquisition of discarded t-shirts from any area (from Athens, Ohio, I need just one additional discarded t-shirt whose resale price does not exceed and/or is exactly the equivalent of $1.32 USD).  Those who assist, in addition to my gratitude for your entry into the collaborative Lexicon 97 system (and, of course, Lexicon 97 subsystems) can expect to receive a t-shirt skeleton that emerges from the extraction of lexicon from the discarded t-shirt batch you help me acquire, and one t-shirt page of the freeform book made from the lexicon of the discarded t-shirt batch you help me acquire.

I am particularly interested in also acquiring stories about memories of interactions with any discarded t-shirt that will be sent to me for the project.  I am quite willing to collaborate with any school class interested in working with me in discarded t-shirt acquisition.  I and/or the freeform book will gladly visit the class of freeform book collaborators for 97 minutes during which time we will plan how to use the freeform book pages and the t-shirt skeletons that emerge as interaction outcomes of extracting the lexicon from discarded t-shirts. 

Students in involved classes should prepare video or audio or any other text-based form of illustration (including more conventional writing forms) of stories about particular t-shirts (interview donors of the t-shirts, including yourself if you are the donor) and/or stories about your involvement with discarded t-shirt collection and distribution of freeform books  —to be for instance, temporary

(because we advocate sharing, not ownership or hoarding of something that already belongs to many when we take into consideration all hands involved from design to sewing to packaging, to growing the natural fibers, processing the fiber into cloth, processing the synthetic fabric components to be blended with, usually cotton, to transportation specialists moving components and finished t-shirts to various locations, to buyers who acquire the t-shirts at the best wholesale price possible for the specific circumstances of the locations that will offer the t-shirts for sale, to salespersons, cashiers, manufactures of the bags t-shirt purchases are put in, the manufacturing of the money used to complete transactions, and on, and on as each discarded t-shirt does a remarkable job in linking, in connecting, in collaborating with just about anything, everything).



So students, where we will display our mobile libraries of freeform books?  What are some possible choreographies of temporary display?   To whom will we give away freeform book pages and related t-shirt skeletons?  Where will have discarded t-shirt freeform book fashion shows to try to raise money for whom? what? where?  We may all try on the pages, try on the skeletons, but we must not keep them, other than an image, a song, a moving image, a story —on which to temporarily attach memories that may participate in choreographies that they might temporarily oversee  in this way, in that way    while collaborating with us and with whatever else temporarily participates in acts of remembering (think of some ways in which ecosystems remember what happens, how melting glaciers, remember, how the atmosphere remembers). 

Please read about the initial 1 discarded t-shirt freeform book made from 97 t-shirts discarded in Washtenaw County, Michigan; please pay attention to what happens on the back of each t-shirt page: a bit of connective lexicon, a conjunction, a preposition  so that the freeform book story can be read, experienced, practiced in any order as long as you seek connection with pages from any freeform book —we can connect while we wear the t-shirt pages, while we form the 97-minute temporary, traveling installation, putting ourselves in different orders so as to read the story differently, always a different entry (a form of beginning —but be careful with the idea of beginning  and what beginning includes well, excludes well) into a story that is in progress, that started when any part of the t-shirt system started, and always a different location of pausing the story so that we listen to, we find other tellers, other pages that I hope will circulate most of the world, infiltrate much of the world, soothe some of the world, inspire any of the world, connecting it briefly in many, many locations, each location charged with finding a way to share the freeform book, and a way to tell stories of the sharing.

~~ We will seek some of the myriad satisfying and edifying alternatives to permanence ~~

(we might be able to free a few forms)


contact forkergirl

if you are willing to become a temporary page of a freeform book, with the chance to both try on and give away many chapters.   Thank you.



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