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   Welcome to LEXICON 97 

  —get lexxed!—

 release some collaborative spirit

   with 97 of the finest discarded T-shirts
   that are finding something better to say

       with the words commerce (in most of the 97 cases) gave them


come in, and see what fits

perhaps a t-shirt skeleton       or       a freeform book t-shirt page

from  Lex 97.com: home of the articulate t-shirt

thanks to the Limited Fork T-shirt Speech Rehabilitation Clinic of Washtenaw County


While most of the 97 t-shirts
immigrated to Washtenaw County,
all them speak an English
that acquires words from many sources,
so of course not all evidence of the indigenous
has been lost, for: 

As stated on the Info MI website:

The name Washtenaw is derived from the Chippewa "wash-ten-ong," meaning "grand river," in reference to the Huron River which flows through the area. The Huron today remains a showpiece of the county, with a carefully developed Metro Park system available to enjoy. The area is also rich in turn-of-the-century architecture, which includes the old Clock Tower and Depot in Chelsea, as well as storefronts in some of the smaller towns including Manchester and Dexter. Truly, Washtenaw County remains one of the leading cultural centers in the world today. 

—especially (according to forkergirl, a limited fork theory authority) with the addition of the Limited Fork T-shirt Speech Rehabilitation Clinic








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